Enjoy your first class on us! We understand the needs of our gymnasts and we want to ensure our gymnastics classes are a perfect fit.


Students will enjoy E-Learning School Instruction, Arts & Crafts, Science Projects, Cooking, Dance Classes, Gymnastics & SO MUCH MORE!


Our after school program includes transportation from school, homework time and a 1-hour class in the discipline of their choice.

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On the uneven bars, the gymnast performs a timed routine on two parallel horizontal bars set at different heights.

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Gymnasts perform a choreographed routine up to 90 seconds in the floor exercise event.

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In 2001, the traditional vaulting horse was replaced with a new apparatus, sometimes known as a tongue, horse or vaulting table.

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Pommel Horse

A typical pommel horse exercise involves both single leg and double leg work.

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Balance Beam

The gymnast performs a choreographed routine consisting of leaps, acrobatic skills and dance elements on a padded beam.

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Still Rings

The gymnasts must perform a routine demonstrating balance, strength, power, and dynamic motion while preventing the rings themselves from swinging.


Fun! – Gymnastics is filled with different obstacles, events, and routines that keep a child jumping, dancing, moving and growing with others.

Through learning basic gymnastics skills, a child develops a strong sense of balance, body awareness and coordination.

Gymnastics training is based on learning a progression of skills. As a gymnast moves from easy movements to more complex skills, they develop a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their abilities.

Girl on Balance Beam

The progressive nature of gymnastics teaches a child the purpose and value of setting goals.

Gymnastics is its own best reward. As gymnasts progress, they learn that in order to improve, certain things have to be done a certain way to complete each skill. Children learn very early that discipline can lead them towards the success they desire.

Gymnastics enhances a child’s ability to think logically. In order to progress a child is required to be organized in thought, disciplined and focused on the goal at hand.

Gymnastics Girl

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