Home School Program

Students will enjoy E-Learning School Instruction, Arts & Crafts, Science Projects, Cooking, Dance Classes, Gymnastics & SO MUCH MORE!

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On the uneven bars, the gymnast performs a timed routine on two parallel horizontal bars set at different heights.

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Gymnasts perform a choreographed routine up to 90 seconds in the floor exercise event.

Private Lessons

For one on one lessons, we adjust lessons and sessions to fit how you learn best and personally challenge you to get you to your goal.

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In 2001, the traditional vaulting horse was replaced with a new apparatus, sometimes known as a tongue, horse or vaulting table.

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Pommel Horse

A typical pommel horse exercise involves both single leg and double leg work.


Summer, winter, holiday, camps are available throughout the year. The schedule includes structured gymnastics practice, arts and crafts, games, cooking projects, and more!

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Balance Beam

The gymnast performs a choreographed routine consisting of leaps, acrobatic skills and dance elements on a padded beam.

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Still Rings

The gymnasts must perform a routine demonstrating balance, strength, power, and dynamic motion while preventing the rings themselves from swinging.

Ms. Beth

Ms. Beth is the owner and head coach of World Class Gymnastics. She grew up doing gymnastics and was an Elite Gymnast in the Junior Olympics.

She is a USAG Pro member and USAG Safety/Risk Management certified. Ms. Beth’s tremendous love and passion for the sport radiates throughout the gym and shows in every class!

Ms Beth